Bringing Filipino
culture in a bowl

Serving Mondays & Tuesdays in Dublin 15.
Delivering from 6pm to Midnight

What is Lomi

Lomi is a fresh and tasty noodle soup usually eaten from midnight to 5am in the streets of Philippines. Call us, order it and enjoy!

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What's Inside our Lomi

Our Lomi is simple, refreshing and full of flavours, using only the best ingredients.

Noodle 🍜Chicken 🍗Carrot 🥕Cabbage 🥬
Pork Crackling 🥩Fish ball 🍥Scallion 🧅Egg 🥚
Onion 🧅Garlic 🧄CornStarch 🌽 
Salt & Pepper 🧂Vegetable Oil 🛢  

We Deliver

Delivering from Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

TEL +353 (0)1598 4800

Serving Blanchardstown

Serving Blanchardstown